Our Approach

  1.  All candidates interested in joining/petitioning a Lodge under The Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Texas must submit a back-ground check form and the associated fee for approval prior to submitting a membership petition to a local lodge for consideration.
  2. Prior to mailing in your background check form, Please contact the lodge via email letting us know that you are submitting the form. (Mailing information and the deadline for submission are listed below and must be adhered to).

Click here in order to download the Background Check Form

  • Upon approval and clearance of the background check, a membership petition can be submitted to the local lodge along with the associated fee for consideration for membership.
    • For the associated membership fee please contact the local lodge for more information prior to submission, but only after approval of the background check.
    • It is important to note that each membership petition will require the signature of two (2) currently financial Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Texas Masons.
    • If for some reason an interested candidate does not know two (2) financial members, typically a meet and greet will be held 1-2 times a year to allow perspective candidates a chance to meet members of the lodge in order to establish sponsorship.
  • Each potential candidate will be interviewed for their character to determine their fit with the brothers of the lodge and to identify their interest in joining.
  • Upon the completion of the interview, each candidate will be balloted on and if accepted, membership into the lodge will consist of classes and training that will take on average 2-3 months to complete. Time commitments vary, however on average 1-2 evenings a week are required for study sessions; therefore, interested candidates should consider their time availability before petitioning.

The dates listed below allow for processing time and for the lodge to conduct the necessary approval steps.

Background Check for Membership accepted by Lodge (received in P.O. Box 300890, Houston, TX 77230) no later than:

Petition for Membership received by Lodge with fee no later than: Start Date of Classes

January 1 - February 15



May 1 - June 15



August 1 - September 15 October


Background checks are accepted year round and are good for 12-months upon approval. However they will only be processed by the lodge during the months as listed above and will be held over until the next processing window.

All background Check forms MUST be mailed by the Lodge directly to the Grand Lodge. Forms mailed by individuals will be returned thus further delaying approval.

Please make all Checks or Money orders payable to:

“The Most Worshipful Prince hall Grand Lodge of Texas”.

Cash not accepted. The fee is listed on the background check form.

Please contact the Lodge for the associated membership fee and petition after you receive notice your background check was approved and found favorable

Start date of classes are mandated by our Grand Lodge.

Classes are only conducted by the lodge upon approval of all the preceding steps

1. background check approval

2. receipt of membership petition with fee

3. positive/favorable investigation

4. favorable ballot/vote for membership


For more information contact Bayou City for any questions not addressed above.

[email protected] 

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