Significance Of PHA

Prince Hall

PHA stands for Prince Hall Affiliated. This is the suffix of Masonic Lodges that trace their lineage to African Lodge 459, chartered in 1784 by the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE), and who are still in amity with them. We are still in possession of the original charter. These lodges were established to allow African-Americans to enjoy the fruits of Freemasonry in America. All lodges using this specific suffix are considered regular, and most have what is called “mutual recognition” in each state in America, as well as with the UGLE and it’s subordinate lodges. You can find a list of UGLE recognized lodges here.

Other groups use the name of Prince Hall, such as Prince Hall Origin (PHO), but are not recognized by most other Freemasons. To find a growing list of clandestine or “bogus” lodges, visit the Phylaxis Society by clicking here.